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  • YouTube Video: Response Plan to care for animals whose owners have been injured in an emergency

  • Help Button - List of Medical Response System Providers - From Rossmoor Counseling Services

  • Walnut Creek Second Hand Smoking Ordinance

  • Know your Emergency Management Zone (EMZ) in Rossmoor (for evacuations) - LIST - NEW

  • Evacuation: Plan for Rossmoor and Q&A

  • Evacuation: Tip Sheet

  • "The Answer Book" for loved ones (provided by Rossmoor Counseling Services) - Your financial and personal information

  • Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) Emergency Operations Plan

  • Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) Limited Role in Emergency Response

  • Public Safety and Security - Securitas

  • Rossmoor Annual Emergency Preparedness Organization (EPO)  FAIR

  • Rossmoor Community Phonebook (First Aid and Earthquake Preparedness)

  • TIPS: In case of a fire at Rossmoor (from EPO)

  • How to register your Key Lockbox with Fire Department (which houses your keys)

  • Rossmoor News 11-1-17 article (reprint) on mass evacuation and alternative gates

  • Resident Emergency/Disaster Information (REDI)

  • How to open your garage door when power is out

  • Emergency Contact Information FORM for Golden Rain Foundation (GRF)

Rossmoor Presentations and information handouts


  • Computer Club of Rossmoor - Tech Together - October 30, 2020. Topic: "TeleHealth" - YouTube video.   Presentation links and materials

  • Computer Club of Rossmoor presentation, 1-20-20, "Using Technology in Emergency Situations." Click here.

  • Rossmoor Counseling Services (website) - PowerPoint show 2-4-19; pdf

  • "Rumors, Myths and Realities" 4-1-19 presentation by Dennis Bell, GRF Public Safety Manager and Molly Ayres who heads Securitas.  PowerPoint show pdf

  • Lisa Katzke presentation notes from 12-3-19 Fire Safety talk

  • Rossmoor Counseling Services 2-3-20 presentation by Jill Meyers, LMFT, "Supporting Neighbors & Yourself following a Traumatic Event."  pdf

  • Disaster Preparedness Presentation - Sept 7 at Event Center.  Excellent information for all types of disasters.







  • Disaster Planning for Lung Disease and Sleep APNEA Patient

  • Access & Functional Needs "California Shakeout" Intro (video)

  • "Project Lifesaver" (Walnut Creek Police Dept.) - For caregivers of those with cognitive conditions (Dementia, Alzheimer's, etc.  A 24-7 bracelet or ankle band transmitter worn by citizens who could go missing.

  • People with Disabilities

  • OXYGEN USERS: Develop a plan for when there is a power outage

  • PG&E: Medical Baseline Program (financial assistance program for customers who have special energy needs due to certain qualifying medical conditions during a power outage).  Information   |   Application



  • OLDER ADULT FALL PREVENTION - CDC (Fact Sheets, Brochures and much more)

  • VIDEO: "How you can get up from the floor (after a fall) - MacGyver style!"

  • VIDEO: "How to get seniors up from a fall" (Caregiver Training)

  • Kaiser: Fact sheet - Preventing fall-related injuries

  • "What do I do if I or someone else FALLS?" (pdf)


  • Stroke and Heart Attack Recognition for the Lay Person

  • Video: How to stockpile emergency medications (KING 5 News)

  • Safe drug/medicine use after an emergency (i.e., when affected by fire, flooding, unsafe water, etc.) - (FDA)

  • How to Administer First Aid (from the Mayo Clinic).  Information to help you during a medical emergency.

  • First Aid Training Classes (Red Cross)

SMARTPHONES: How authorities can access your emergency number(s) without a passcode



  • Financial Preparedness - (cash, household records and medical documents)

  • Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (FEMA)

  • "Is Your Financial Plan Future-Proof?  4 Quick Ways to Plan for the Unexpected (United Policyholders)

  • Tax Identity Theft (IRS) - Get an Identity Protection PIN number


PG&E - (See also wildfires)

  • Apply for Vulnerable Customer Program - Website / Form

  • Video: Gas safety training (Les Putnam, PG&E Public Safety Specialist)

  • Video: Electrical safety training (Les Putnam, PG&E Public Safety Specialist)

  • Video: How to stockpile emergency medications (KING 5 News)

  • Medical Baseline Program (financial assistance program for customers who have special energy needs due to certain qualifying medical conditions during a power outage).  Information   |   Application

  • Power outage: 1 800  743 5000

  • Video: Avoiding a Downed Power Line

  • Video: Explaining the "Public Safety Power Shutoff"

  • Self-Generation Incentive Program -SGIP (for Residents Who Need Powered Medical Devices)



  • YouTube Video: Response Plan to care for animals whose owners have been injured in an emergency

  • The PETS Act: Companion Animals Affected by Natural Disasters

  • YouTube Video: Response Plan to care For animals whose owners have been injured in an emergency

  • Pet Emergency Planning (Walnut Creek CERT)

  • Disaster Preparedness (ASPCA)

  • Pets - Get Ready Now (FEMA)

  • "My Pet" form

  • Pet Friendly Hotels in Walnut Creek Area

  • Pet Disaster Checklist  (CDC)

  • Video:  "Preparing Makes Sense for Pet Owners" (FEMA)

  • Pets in Peril - "PIP" - A volunteer organization within Rossmoor that has accepted responsibility for providing emergency shelter for stray animals and/or care for animals whose owners are being housed in Red Cross shelters. PIP has established its own procedures for response. In support of PIP’s mission, the GRF has supplied a shed, radios, and food and water for PIP response personnel. The Foundation has designated the Pickleball courts by Creekside as PIP’s animal care and shelter facility.

  • Air Filter Masks for Dogs - link

  • Pet Smoke Inhalation Risks



  • Water treatment and storage - containers (

  • Water treatment and storage in an emergency (EBMUD)

  • Water Safety (safety, currents, hazards)

  • Tips for Managing your Drinking Water (storage, sources, contamination, treatment) - FEMA

  • How to Get Emergency Drinking Water from your Water Heater

  • Video:  How to purify your water using bleach

  • Make your water safe - CDC - pdf



  • What to do After a Natural Disaster (Bankrate) - Preparing for Severe Weather

  • United Policyholders: How to Adequately Insure for Disasters/Emergencies

  • Homeowners' Property Inventory Checklist

  • Disaster/Emergency Insurance Challenges for Californians





  • Do you have an emergency plan? (The Caregiver Connection)

  • Are you ready for disaster? (FEMA)

  • Checklist

  • Emergency kit for seniors and caregivers

  • "CareZone" app for smart phones - manage your health and prescriptions



  • FEMA Emergency Supply List

  • "Get Ready Walnut Creek" (C.E.R.T. Emergency Kit video)

  • Emergency Kit Supply Checklist (FEMA and DHS)

  • Disaster Supplies List (Ready Care Company)

  • Build a Kit (home and car) (Homeland Security)

  • Evacuation "GO BAG" (suggested) - one per person in household

  • "Be Prepared at Home" checklist for emergency supplies (CERT - Walnut Creek)

  • "SF 72" - Emergency Disaster Supplies

  • Picture of types of emergency supplies to have on hand ("Patti's Pantry")




  • Know your Emergency Management Zone (EMZ) in Rossmoor (evacuations) - LIST - NEW

  • Contra Costa County Fire Protection District - 2020 Open House Virtual Tour - behind the scenes tours of emergency response capabilities

  • Fire safety Tips for Seniors





  • Brochure: "Are You Prepared for the Next Public Safety Power Shutoff?" (PSPS) - (From Independent Living Resources - ILRSCC) - NEW.

  • EBMUD: Preparing for PSPS during high fire risk period

  • PG&E Webinar:  Wildfires and PSPS - 6-10-20 

  • PG&E: Wildfire Safety Shut-Off Alerts.  Sign up for alerts

  • PG&E: Video: Explaining the "Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)"

  • Selecting the right generator (ONLY solar or battery-powered)

  • Preparing for "Power Down" (using generators)

  • Planning for PSPS



  • Wildfire Smoke and your Health - Video #1Video #2

  • Wildfire Safety - Air Quality (BAAQMD)

  • Wildland-Urban-Interfaces (WUI) related to wildfires

  • Video: 3 main causes of wildfires

  • Wildfire Evacuation Checklist

  • How to put on and take off a smoke mask (particulate respirator)

  • What kind of a smoke/respirator mask should I get?  (You can find them on Amazon at reasonable prices)

  • Masks and N95 respirators (FDA)

  • Kids and smoke exposure - why they should not wear masks

  • Wildfire Preparedness and Evacuation (Contra Costa County)

  • PG&E:  Community Wildfire Safety Program - (April 15, 2021 presentation) - YouTube Video pdf

  • PG&E:  Community Wildfire Safety program (website)

  • PG&E:  Safety Action Center (and sign up)  (website)

  • PG&E:  Emergency planning tips for people who rely on electric or battery-dependent medical devices

  • Wildfire Tracker Map (Get up-to-date info on current fires)

  • Cal Fire - Current Fire Incidents - Follow Cal Fire on Twitter

  • InciWeb - Fire Incident Information (not Cal Fire)

  • Fire-Threat Map

  • Your Personal Wildfire Action Plan (Prepare for Wildfire)

  • Air Purifiers - Now is the time to buy (ahead of fire season)

  • Air Quality - Alerts & forecasts (Contra Costa County)

  • Air Quality - Walnut Creek

  • Air Quality - California

  • Air Quality - California Smoke Info

  • Air Quality - Spare the Air Alerts (and sign up)

  • History of California wildfires

  • Preparing for a wildfire (and what to do during and after) - (

  • Tips on reducing health risks in smoky areas

  • Video:  "When the Fire Starts" (FEMA)

  • Video:  A firefighter talks about how weather is changing in California

  • ABAG Fire Study - Bay Area Risks, Plans, Strategies

  • "Every Cloud Must Have a Silver Lining" - EBMUD

  • "Invest in Resilience" - EBMUD

  • "Killer Heat in the U.S". - The Future of Dangerously Hot Days

  • Why fires start on Transmission Lines when local power is cut off in local areas on Distribution lines



  • Camp Fire: "When survival means shelter - How temporary refugees saved lives during Camp Fire"

  • California's Wildfires 500% Larger - The Atlantic

  • "No more typical fire season - may be year round" (CBS News)

  • "Camp Fire created a black hole of communication" (Mercury News)

  • Left behind by the Camp Fire: Up to 8 million tons of debris (L.A. Times)

  • Here's how Paradise ignored warnings and became a deathtrap  (L.A. Times)

  • Most of Paradise victims were older, disabled (

  • California wildfire emissions equal year of power pollution (AP News)

  • How 20 Major Fires have Ignited California since 1991 (SF Chronicle)

  • Governor declares state wildfire emergency - Sacramento Bee

  • Rossmoor News 11-1-17 article (reprint) on mass evacuation and alternative gates



  • Drought Monitor

  • "Climate Change Will Only Make California’s Weather Whiplash Worse" (article)

  • Impact of anthropogenic climate change on wildfire across western U.S. forests (article)

  • Climate change is tipping the scales toward more wildfires (article)





  • Bay Area Earthquake Handbook

  • Earthquakes - LIST of recent (3.0 or greater)

  • "Drop, Cover and Hold On" Earthquake Preparedness

  • Earthquake Info Sheet - pdf (summary of what to do in earthquake)

  • Earthquake Preparedness Guide for Seniors and those with Disabilities

  • Resources (links) for Seniors and the disabled

  • Area Fault Map  /  Regional Fault and Probabilities Map

  • HayWired - Outsmart Disaster  |  (A hypothetical, yet scientifically realistic and quantitative depiction of what would happen if a 7.0 earthquake hit the San Francisco Bay Area)

  • HayWired - Earthquake scenario - video - NEW

  • Bay Area Earthquakes (recent)

  • Sign up for ENS (Emergency Notification System - USGS)

  • "The Great Earthquake Prep Game" - AAA guide to disaster preparedness

  • "What to do in an Earthquake" - Digital picture story

  • News story:  "What a Major Earthquake would do to San Francisco"

  • Journalists' Guide for Reporting Earthquakes





  • Shake Alert App (USGS) - Video - Website

  • Videos: "The Great California Shakeout & Preparedness"  (Scroll down to "Preparednes Now" video)

  • Video:  Preparing for an Emergency for those with access issues and special needs

  • 2 short videos: what to do when you don't have something to get under and training on how to drop, cover and hold on

  • Video: what to do in an earthquake when you are in bed

  • Video: "When the Earth Shakes" (FEMA)

  • Video: April 4, 2010 7.2 earthquake in Calexico, CA - FEMA

  • Video:  July 4, 2019 earthquake, Southern Calif

  • Video:  "Shake Alert" in California - How Does it Work

  • HayWired - Earthquake scenario - video



  • Shake Alert (USGS) - How it Works  (Video) -  Download the App:   Website. 

    Add your phone to California’s exposure notification system to get COVID-19 exposure alerts and to protect those around you.

  • SIGN UP FOR FLEX POWER ALERTS.    Fact Sheet on alerts and warnings (California ISO)

  • NIXLE - Rossmoor Emergency Warning System - Tip Sheet - sign up

  • NIXLE - Walnut Creek - NEW

  • NIXLE - Walnut Creek Police Department

  • NIXLE - Outside of Rossmoor/Walnut Creek - Emergency Warning System  - sign up

  •  Contra Costa County Alert System (CWS) - Tip Sheet -sign up

  • "PG&E Wildfire Safety Shut-Off Alerts:  Sign up for alerts

  •  USGS Earthquake Notification System - sign up

  • "Patch" - website (sign up for local Walnut Creek area breaking news and information)

  • "Nextdoor" - website (sign up for local Walnut Creek area news and information for residents)

  • Harris Greenberg's Tech Tips #8 on alert systems and mobile apps




  • Contra Costa County Disaster Preparedness numbers

  • Walnut Creek "E-Desk" at Gateway entrance. Available 24-7. File police reports, pay a citation, give crime tips and more!  Flyer

  • 9-1-1 is for life and death emergencies - "The Basics of Calling 9-1-1" - (pdf) - A presentation by the Walnut Creek Police Department

  • Urgent: Non-life-threatening: (925) 935-6400

  • Non-emergency:  (925) 943-5844 (General information and questions).  Report an incident that is not occurring at this time)

  • Contra Costa County Sheriff:  (925) 646-2441

  • Pleasant Hill Police Department: (925) 288-4600 (press 0)

  • Concord Police Department: (925) 671-3333

  • CHP:  707-641-8300 - (Regional Dispatch Center in Vallejo) All 9 Bay-Area Counties

  • BART Police Department: 510-464-7000
    (Regional Dispatch Center in Oakland) All BART Property

  • Power outage:   PG&E 1-800-743-5000

  • Traffic information:  5-1-1

  • Social Services: 2-1-1

  • Phone trouble:  6-1-1

  • FIND a Pay Phone in an emergency


  • Telephone Scams (from the Walnut Creek Police Department)

  • Social Security Scams

  • EPO Informational Presentations:  "The Basics of Calling 911" (Walnut Creek Police Department)

  • Video: Avoiding a Downed Power Line

  • C.E.R.T. Training


EPO ZOOM Meetings & Webinars