Since the meetings typically run around 2 hours or more, YouTube videos with hyperlinked Time Stamps in a Table of Contents have been set up so you can jump to just the parts that interest you.  To find the Time Stamps: look below the YouTube window - you’ll see a two-line description and below that a link that says “Show more…”  Clicking on that displays the full Table of Contents with the Time Stamps. 


How to access the Closed Captions in English, and the Subtitles in other languages.


January 4, 2021 - ZOOM Meeting: “Preventing Falls in your Future.”    Lisa Katzki slide show (pdf).  Meeting information/agenda (pdf)
Join Rossmoor EPO for our first 2021 Zoom meeting on “Preventing Falls in Your Future.”  Fran Gibson, (President, Rossmoor EPO), will provide and update on EPO activities and upcoming meetings. Colene Trinterud, (EPO past-President, and Red Cross Blood Program Lead), - will provide and update on the EPO / Red Cross January 6, 2021 Blood Drive. Dennis Bell, (Rossmoor Public Safety Manager), will report on Securitas’s annual fall statistics and the Stair Trac Wheelchair Assistance program. Lisa Katzki, RN, BSN, PHN, will address what you can do to prevent future falls.  Jasmine Hajyan-Quigley, (Rossmoor Counseling Center), will describe how the Rossmoor Counseling Center helps residents deal with falls that you couldn’t avoid.

YouTube Video

Table of Contents

Time Stamp    Topic


00:00:00   Fran Gibson - Introduction

00:07:29   Colene Trinterud - EPO/Red Cross Blood Drive

00:12:19   Dennis Bell - Fall Statistics

00:18:25   Lisa Katzki - Fall Prevention

01:09:52   Christine Monsen - 1st Q&A Discussion

01:14:19   Jasmine Hajyan-Quigley - Rossmoor Counseling

01:30:13   Christine Monsen - 2nd Q&A Discussion

01:31:46   Fran Gibson - Closing Remarks

February 1, 2021 - ZOOM Meeting: “Helping Ourselves and Our Neighbors Remain Emotionally Sound following a Disaster.”  Meeting information/agenda (pdf)Cindy Mataraso slide show (pdf).   Briana Taylor slide show (pdf)
Fran Gibson, (President, Rossmoor EPO), will provide and update on EPO activities and upcoming meetings. • Colene Trinterud, (EPO past-President, and Red Cross Blood Program Lead), will provide and update on the EPO / Red Cross February 12, 2021 Blood Drive. • Dennis Bell, (Rossmoor Public Safety Manager), will report on actions related to COVID-19 and status update of vaccine clinics in Rossmoor. • Briana Taylor, (Chair, Red Cross Bay Area Leadership Councils and Board Member), and Cindy Mataraso, Psy.D (Disaster Mental Health, Red Cross and Crestwood Behavioral Health), will discuss how helpers are impacted by the physical and emotional trauma that always follows a disaster. • Christine Monsen, (Q&A and Comment Moderator), will summarize the questions and comments and will address them to the presenters. • Closing remarks by Fran Gibson. 

YouTube Video 

Table of Contents

Time Stamp     Topic


00:00:00  Fran Gibson - Welcome & Introductions
00:09:43  Colene Trinterud - EPO / Red Cross Blood Drives
00:16:36  Dennis Bell - Rossmoor COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic
00:17:39  Tom Cashion - Greeting
00:24:25  Fran Gibson - Background and Credentials of Briana & Cindy
00:25:55  Briana Taylor - Red Cross Activities and Mental Health
01:05:11  Cindy Mataraso - Remaining Emotionally Sound in a Disaster - stand-alone video

02:01:40  Fran Gibson - Gives Sharon Meckenstock’s CV
02:02:08  Christine Monsen - Q&A Discussion

March 1, 2021 - ZOOM Meeting: “Turning Off Utilities Safely — the PG&E Way and the Benefits of PG&E’s Medical Baseline Program.”  
Join EPO President Fran Gibson as she welcomes PG&E’s Les Putnam (PG&E Senior Public Safety Specialist) and Zeynep Gundogdu (Medical Baseline Program Manager). 


YouTube Video

Table of Contents
Time Stamp

(hh:mm:ss)       Topic
00:00:00  Fran Gibson - President’s Report
00:08:45  Introduction of Panelists
00:18:45  Colene Trinterud - EPO/Red Cross Blood Drive
00:21:25  Tom Cashion - Public Safety Report
00:22:14  Zeynep Gundogdu - Baseline Medical Program
00:35:18  Les Putnam - Gas Hazards and Safety Measures
00:59:44  Les Putnam - Electrical Hazards and Safety Measures
01:26:15  Christine Monsen - Q&A session
01:51:05  Fran Gibson - Closing Remarks


April 12, 2021 - 9:30 a.m. EPO ZOOM Meeting: “When to Call 911 and When Not to Call 911!”  

Join EPO President Fran Gibson as she welcomes Speaker Tori Maxfield, Dispatch 911 Supervisor (Walnut Creek Creek Police Department).  PowerPoint slide showPDF.

YouTube Video

Table of Contents
Time Stamp

(hh:mm:ss)       Topic

Fran Gibson - Welcome & introduction

00:03:02  Introduction of Panelists

00:07:04  Fran Gibson - President's report & Agenda

00:13:12  Tori Maxfield - When to call and when not to call 911

00:34:57  Colene Reams-Trinterud - EPO / Red Cross Blood Drive

00:36:47  Tom Cashion - GRF public safety report for Rossmoor

00:41:54  Questions, Comments & Answers

00:43:26  Mary England - comments on recent CERT 911 experience

00:48:58  Dan Pratt - Walnut Creek PD

00:52:46  Some additional Questions & Answers

00:54:19  Fran Gibson - Closing Remarks

April 15, 2021 - PG&E Presentation: "Community Wildfire Safety Program."  Slide show (pdf) - YouTube Video

April 29, 2021 - 11:00 a.m.  ZOOM Meeting: "Optimum Wellness Home Care and Care Management: How to Remain at Home Safely" - Rossmoor Counseling Service.  YouTube Video

May 3, 2021 - 9:30 a.m. EPO ZOOM Meeting: FRS Radio Training (with Rossmoor Area CERT): "How Coordinators will Report Entry and Street Status following a Rossmoor Disaster.”  PowerPoint slide showPDF version.

YouTube Video

Table of Contents
Time Stamp

(hh:mm:ss)       Topic

Fran Gibson - Welcome & introduction

00:11:21  Marcia McLean - Rossmoor CERT update

00:12:26  Colene Reams-Trinterud - EPO / Red Cross Blood Drive

00:16:30  Tom Cashion - GRF public safety report for Rossmoor

00:21:06  Christine Monsen - FRS Radio Communications

01:01:18  Questions, Comments & Answers

01:15:18  Fran Gibson - Closing Remarks


MAY 27 - 10:00 am - SPECIAL EPO ZOOM Webinar: "Are You a Rossmoor Prepper?  Is Your Household Ready for a Disaster?"    A one-hour presentation by Ron Halog, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Independent Living Resources of Solano and Contra Costa Counties.   CONTESTS, PRIZES, QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS!  Not an EPO business meeting.   Slide Show -  Ron's Resource Sheet  -  YouTube Video

JUNE 7 - 9:30 am - EPO ZOOM Webinar: “Making a Plan for Emergencies.”  Ron Halog will be offering a straight-forward, easy stepwise way for you to inspire your neighbors to get themselves and their households ready for a disaster or emergency impacting Tice Valley and beyond. Ron will be offering contests (e.g., “Name that Tune”) to motivate attendees and we have prizes donated by two sources for this special EPO training event. Come see how Ron makes getting fully prepared virtually painless, smooth and fun — a great stepwise model for our local entry and street EPO teams to adopt with their neighbors.   Slide Show  Ron's Resource Sheet   I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) Tip Sheet.


YouTube Video

Table of Contents
Time Stamp

(hh:mm:ss)       Topic

00:00:00   Fran Gibson - Welcome & introductions
00:18:26   Colene Reams-Trinterud - EPO / Red Cross Blood Drive update
00:22:19   Tom Cashion - GRF Public Safety report
00:27:08   Ron Halog - Interactive presentation on getting prepared for an emergency
01:50:28   Christine Monsen - Questions & Answers
02:29:45   Meeting Ends

JULY 12 - 9:30 am - EPO ZOOM Webinar:  “Drought and Wildfire Risks in our Climate Regime in Northern California.  Professor Jay Lund, Co-Director of the Center for Watershed Sciences at UC-Davis and Mike Grillo, Director of the Fire Academy & Chair of the Fire Technology Department,  Los Medanos College. Slide Show (agenda) - NEWJay Lund slides. NEW   Mike Grillo slides  NEW

YouTube Video - NEW

Table of Contents
Time Stamp

(hh:mm:ss)       Topic

00:00:00   Fran Gibson & Brad Waite - Welcome & introductions

00:22:23   Colene Reams-Trinterud - EPO / Red Cross Blood Drive update

00:26:24   Poll #1 - Grab & Go Bag questions

00:28:23   Mike Grillo - Wildfire presentation

01:00:20   Christine Monsen - Questions & Answers

01:23:44   Poll #2 - Drought & wildfire questions

01:25:27   Jay Lund - Drought presentation

01:56:11   Christine Monsen - Questions & Answers

02:11:39   Closing Remarks & Contact Information



May 4, 2020 - ZOOM Webinar: "FRS Radio Protocol" -  Slide Show (pdf)

The first EPO Zoom virtual webinar with 9 panelists presenting how and when to use FRS radios to communicate with the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) to optimize the effectiveness of the emergency responders.

YouTube Video

Table of Contents:
Time Stamp  Topic
00:00:00     Introduction

00:03:12     Webinar Etiquette
00:09:17     Dennis Bell GRF COVID update
00:19:27     Q&A for Dennis Bell
00:27:40     Introduction to CERT
00:29:37     Intro to FRS operations
00:34:37     Info about FRS radios
00:40:35     Emergency Scenario 1
00:44:59     Where do messages go?
00:46:52     Emergency Scenario 2
00:48:59     Emergency Scenario 3
00:51:55     Summary of Communications
00:53:54     FRS Radio Summary Sheet
01:05:57     Questions & Answers
01:26:39     End of Webinar


June 1, 2020 - ZOOM Meeting: "CERT is Activated: Now What?  EPO?" - Slide Show (pdf)
The June 1, 2020 EPO Zoom meeting provides and overview of both Rossmoor EPO and Rossmoor CERT operations and responsibilities, and how the two organizations coordinate with each other in the event of a disaster before the first responders arrive at the scene.


YouTube Video


Table of Contents:
Time Stamp  Topic
00:00:45   Welcome  
00:01:30   Introduction of Presenters
00:04:13   Agenda  
00:05:15   EPO Overview  
00:06:45   EPO when CERT is not activated  
00:09:44   EPO when CERT is activated  
00:11:41   CERT Overview  
00:15:16   Video showing CERT in action  
00:43:40   CERT response to activation  
00:36:07   EPO radio communications  
00:56:01   List of contacts and emails.


July 6, 2020 - ZOOM Meeting: "Three Model Local EPO Programs - Learn how they do it"
Join Rossmoor EPO President Fran Gibson and three local EPO neighborhood teams who stand out as worthy trainers this month as they describe how they got started in their entry or street to prepare their neighbors to respond to an emergency.  

Colene and John Trinterud, Ted and Judy Bentley and Ralph Anthenian (with his team members John Walkinshaw and Andy Howard, M.D.)  will present their local programs and give us a sense of how they have used our Entry Coordinators’ Orientation and Guide to animate their planning and programming in their entries or streets. 

YouTube Video


Table of Contents (TOC)

Time Stamp

(hh:mm:ss)          Topic

00:00:00          Welcome

00:03:30          Announcements

00:07:30          Introduction to the 3 teams

00:08:17          Colene & John - Skycrest

00:20:10          Ted & Judy - Fairlawn Ct

00:27:28          Ralph, John, Andy -- Eagle Ridge

00:27:39          Ralph - Mutual 68

00:38:29          John – Shadow Hawk Way & Woodwren Ct

00:56:54          Andy - Eagle Ridge, Zone 3

01:06:05          Ralph - Mutual 68 & website

01:11:02          Q&A - Christine

01:29:09          Fran - closing remarks

August 3, 2020 - ZOOM Webinar: "GRF Emergency Operations Plan" - PowerPoint slide show - pdf  - YouTube Video


Join EPO President Fran Gibson as she moderates an EPO Zoom webinar “Golden Rain Foundation’s Role in Emergency Preparedness and Recovery” starring Tim O’Keefe (GRF’s CEO) and Dennis Bell (GRF Public Safety Manager) as they discuss the recently adopted Emergency Operations Plan for the Foundation and the “limited” but vital role GRF plays in a disaster or emergency striking Tice Valley.   Our meeting will be hosted on GRF’s Zoom platform which will allow us to host up to 500 attendees (rather than our Zoom account which limits us to 100 attendees).  This will ensure residents can join this meeting along with our EPO members and EPO is grateful to GRF for allowing us to use their larger Zoom account.  Channel 28 will be recording the meeting for our community television station which opens up our GRF webinar to even more Rossmoor residents


Sept 7, 2020 - ZOOM Meeting: "Red Cross in the Age of COVID"
The Rossmoor EPO and the Northern California American Red Cross Present: A Zoom-based Meeting on the American Red Cross in the age of COVID-19. How to donate blood safely and evacuate to a shelter during the pandemic.


YouTube Video (Meeting)


Table of Contents:
Time Stamp  Topic
00:00:00  Introduction
00:10:43  Dennis Bell GRF report
00:30:10  Colene EPO - Red Cross Blood Drive
00:36:16  Briana Taylor - Fires, Shelters & Blood drives
01:41:23  End of Briana Taylor Presentation
01:42:44  Dennis Bell Rossmoor Shelter MOU with Red Cross
01:44:00  Questions & Answers
02:11:12  Meeting Ends


Sept 7, 2020 - ZOOM Meeting: Briana Taylor's (Red Cross) presentation - pdf
Briana Taylor (Chair of the Bay Area Leadership, and Red Cross Volunteer).  Ms. Taylor will highlight the additional safety protocols the Red Cross has set in place for Blood Donations under COVID-19 and the enhanced safety precautions Red Cross is using when people have to evacuate to one of their shelters. She will also share her recent experience working the Lightning Complex Fires.


YouTube Video (Briana Taylor's presentation)


Table of Contents:
Time Stamp  Topic
00:00:00  Introduction
00:10:43  Red Cross in the Age of COVID-19
00:01:20  Blood Services
00:04:49  Testing for COVID-19
00:06:24  How do they make donating blood safe
00:09:25  Tools to make it easier for you
00:11:32  The Lightning Complex Fires
00:36:22  Pre-screening and support at shelters
00:53:49  Recovery Mode

October 5, 2020 - ZOOM Meeting: "Planning Your Earthquake Drill for Rossmoor's Great California ShakeOut in the Age of COVID."  

Rossmoor EPO’s Zoom meeting is co-sponsored by CERT, and features Dale Alan Cox of the USGS.

Dale Cox's slide show presentation  - pdf  

Dale Cox's Video presentation of "HayWired Earthquake Scenario movie" (what to expect in an earthquake)

YouTube video


Table of Contents:
Time Stamp    Topic
00:00:00  Introduction
00:06:03  Agenda
00:06:59  Ballot for 2021 EPO Officers
00:08:34  Radio Communications Info
00:10:26  EPO / Red Cross Blood Drives
00:11:23  GRF COVID-19 Action Status
00:13:48  Introduction of Dale Cox
00:16:07  Dale Cox Presentation
00:17:05  Slide Show
00:41:57  HayWired Scenario video
00:49:10  Questions & Answers

October 30, 2020 - "All About TeleHealth" presented by Computer Club of Rossmoor.  YouTube video

All About TeleHealth: The advent of Covid-19 has spurred explosive use of TeleHealth for getting medical attention and advice. Many patients now find it routine to “visit” their doctor or medical practitioner via a smartphone, tablet or computer. Others, however, may be skeptical of the concept or have concerns about how to use the requisite technology. Whether you’re an experienced user of TeleHealth or have never engaged in a computer-facilitated “house call,” the Computer Club of Rossmoor's October TechTogether will be of interest.  Presentation links and materials


November 2, 2020 - ZOOM Meeting: "Rossmoor Wildfire Rumors: Experts Answer your Burning Questions."

Rossmoor Area CERT and EPO co-sponsored a Zoom webinar meeting on wildfire risks and safety.


YouTube video


Table of Contents
Time Stamp
(hh:mm:ss)     Topic
00:00:00  Welcome & Overview
00:10:25  EPO 2021 Officers Slate
00:12:20  Introduction of Panelists
00:22:27  Dennis Bell - WiFire Model Demo
00:27:21  Craig Clements - Wildfire Weather Models
00:45:22  Responses to Submitted Questions
00:46:02  Questions for Tim O'Keefe - Access Routes
00:54:55  Questions for Tim O'Keefe - Air Monitors
01:02:37  Evacuation Questions
01:03:59  Tom Cashion - Evacuations & other Qs
01:17:12  Chris Bachman - Evacuation Terminology
01:21:55  Chris Bachman - Fire Fighting Lessons Learned & other Qs
01:39:46  High Winds and Fires Outside Rossmoor
01:45:41  How to Find What EMZ Zone you are in
01:48:15  Landscape Vegetation and Fire Hardening
02:08:49  Gas Shutoff Advice
02:11:16  Gas Generators Not Allowed
02:15:32  Questions for CERT and EPO
02:54:52  End of Webinar


For questions on our YouTube videos, please contact:  rmepo.tech.assist@gmail.com