Since the meetings typically run around 2 hours or more, YouTube videos with hyperlinked Time Stamps in a Table of Contents have been set up so you can jump to just the parts that interest you.  To find the Time Stamps: look below the YouTube window - you’ll see a two-line description and below that a link that says “Show more…”.  Clicking on that displays the full Table of Contents with the Time Stamps.   Note that the videos include Closed Captions (click on the [CC] icon), and Subtitles in 16 languages (click on the “gear” icon to select the subtitle language).  Questions?  EMAIL

January 4, 2021 - ZOOM Meeting: “Preventing Falls in your Future.”    Lisa Katzki slide show (pdf).  Meeting information/agenda (pdf)
Join Rossmoor EPO for our first 2021 Zoom meeting on “Preventing Falls in Your Future.”  Fran Gibson, (President, Rossmoor EPO), will provide and update on EPO activities and upcoming meetings. Colene Trinterud (EPO past-President, and Red Cross Blood Program Lead), - will provide and update on the EPO / Red Cross January 6, 2021 Blood Drive. Dennis Bell (Rossmoor Public Safety Manager), will report on Securitas’s annual fall statistics and the Stair Trac Wheelchair Assistance program. Lisa Katzki, RN, BSN, PHN, will address what you can do to prevent future falls Jasmine Hajyan-Quigley (Rossmoor Counseling Center), will describe how the Rossmoor Counseling Center helps residents deal with falls that you couldn’t avoid.

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Table of Contents

Time Stamp    Topic


00:00:00   Fran Gibson - Introduction

00:07:29   Colene Trinterud - EPO/Red Cross Blood Drive

00:12:19   Dennis Bell - Fall Statistics

00:18:25   Lisa Katzki - Fall Prevention

01:09:52   Christine Monsen - 1st Q&A Discussion

01:14:19   Jasmine Hajyan-Quigley - Rossmoor Counseling

01:30:13   Christine Monsen - 2nd Q&A Discussion

01:31:46   Fran Gibson - Closing Remarks





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