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Golden Rain Foundation's (GRF)
Emergency Response


Emergency Preparedness


Emergency Information form - The information requested is for each unit/manor.  In case of an emergency, to assist you or to notify the proper person (for Rossmoor Member Records).

It is the goal of the Foundation to facilitate resident self-preparation and to utilize available Foundation resources to benefit the community when disaster strikes. The following outlines ways in which the Foundation plans to achieve this goal. The Foundation takes an active role in emergency preparation, and is in a unique position to provide residents with access to vital information, and the skills needed to prepare before disaster strikes. The Foundation commits to assist residents’ self-preparation efforts by:

  • Distributing and making available an emergency preparation guide for residents

  • Using Channel 28, the Rossmoor News, and Nixle as appropriate for public service announcements

  • Supporting and assisting resident-driven response and training groups such as CERT, EPO, Coordinators, Map Your Neighborhood, and others.

  • Coordinating with the local government and other non-governmental organizations (Red Cross) as appropriate in disaster planning


The Foundation’s Limited Role in Emergency Response

The Foundation’s ability to respond following a disaster may be very limited in the initial days following an event. To the extent possible under the circumstances, the Foundation will:

  • Establish an Emergency Operations Center at the Gateway Clubhouse that will direct the Foundation’s response efforts

  • Coordinate with the Foundation’s Public Safety provider

  • Aid in the cooperation between the Foundation, the Rossmoor Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), the other resident emergency preparedness groups, and the Mutuals

  • Evacuate trust properties if necessary

  • Evaluate trust properties including clubhouses, and as appropriate open them for use

  • Control and coordinate gate access

  • Facilitate entrance of emergency response personnel and evacuation of residents if necessary


Golden Rain Foundation Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) - NEW (2024 Rev.5)

The purpose of the Golden Rain Foundation Emergency Operations Plan is to establish a system for coordinating preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation of disasters and emergencies in Rossmoor. This plan will enhance the Foundation’s ability to prepare for and respond to “all-hazards” events.

For Resident Emergency / Disaster Information (REDI), click here


Public Safety and Security

Know Your Fire Evacuation Zone # - Map


  • August 3, 2020 ZOOM Webinar: GRF Emergency Operations Plan PowerPoint slide show - pdf

  • Slide Show of Mission, Accomplishments, Services and History (pdf)


Securitas is Rossmoor’s security service provider with 24-hour, seven-days-a-week staffing inside the Rossmoor gate.  Services include entrance control at the main gate, motorized patrol of the community, assistance by Emergency Medical Technicians, response to non-emergency requests, protection from solicitors, and traffic control.  In addition, the Securitas staff handles the Radio Frequency access devices for cars and identification card operation at Creekside Public Safety office.  Residents and their families can obtain Radio Frequency access devices at the Securitas office Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. You will need to present your current and valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration.  Identification (ID) cards can be obtained at the Securitas office Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm.

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