NOTE:  If you used to come to the EPO meetings before COVID-19 closed down the Rossmoor facilities in 2020, but are missing out on our meetings because you are technology challenged, or you don't have email or use a smart phone to access the EPO website, a friend, caretaker, or neighbor can help you still be notified of critical emergency response actions, or upcoming EPO programs on Rossmoor TV Channel 28.  Register with your name, but include the phone number or email of a family member, caregiver, or neighbor who can call you or knock on your door to let you know what is happening.

You already have unlimited access to our amazing EPO website to prepare yourself and your family to be ready to survive and thrive following a disaster. 


However, you can also get other optional benefits by becoming an EPO Registered Member.  Registered members can get 

  • Notifications when new information is posted to the site

  • Invitations to meetings and special events

  • An optional email newsletter (under development)

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If you're interested in helping your neighbors get ready, and showing them how to help each other as well as helping themselves...

Then register as an EPO Volunteer using the form below on the right.

We need volunteer:

  • Street & entry coordinators & team members

  • EPO committee and board members

  • EPO staff support volunteers

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