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Entry Coordinator Resources
If you are looking for emergency preparedness information
NOT specific to Entry Coordinators, please go to "Resident Resources" page






MISSION and Responsibilities of the Entry Coordinator and Team


As an Entry Coordinator (with your Building Captains), you will have the following:

  • Suggested Personal Evacuation "GO BAG" (if told by authorities to evacuate immediately).  One per person in household

  • Duffle bag or backpack with all the emergency & first aid items needed to assist your entry residents (medical supplies, tools, etc.) when we shelter-in-place

  • Your own personal emergency supplies to shelter-in-place for up to 3 weeks

  • EPO Entry Coordinator Orientation & Guide (Revised Nov. 2018)






  FRS RADIOS/CBs - Communication in Entries and Rossmoor (During an emergency)

  • FRS Channels & Fire Evacuation Zones in Rossmoor  - List

  • Radio Communications contact information for Christine Monsen and Amal MoulikEmail

  • May 4, 2020 ZOOM Webinar Slide Show - "FRS Radio Protocol" - Video

  • FRS Radio - Quick Reference Guide for reporting critical information to Rossmoor's Command Post in an emergency -   (From the EPO ZOOM Webinar 5-4-20)

  • FRS Radio purchase Recommendations   Owner's Manual for Midland GXT1000/1050 models

  • FRS Radio protocol (fact sheet)

  • FRS Radio "Golden Rules of Communicating with FRS Radios and HAM Radios"

  • CB's

MAY 27 - 10:00 am - SPECIAL EPO ZOOM Webinar: "Are You a Rossmoor Prepper?   Is Your Household Ready for a Disaster?"    A one-hour presentation by Ron Halog, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Independent Living Resources of Solano and Contra Costa Counties.   Slide Show.    Ron's Resource Sheet.   YouTube Video



  • Team building Toolkit for Entry Coordinators  (Ready.gov)

  • Organizing Questions for Coordinators for Planning Your Local Entry or Street




   PG&E - Training/Publications

  • "7 Saturdays to a More Fire-Resistant Home"

    • Episode 1: "Defensible Space Around Your Home" - video

    • Episode 2: "Clearing 100 Feet of Defensible Space" - video

    • Episode 3: "Three Affordable Things You Can Do to Harden Your Home" - video

    • Episode 4: "Making an Emergency Plan" - video

    • Episode 5: "Fire-Resistant Landscaping 101" - video

    • Episode 6: "A Guide to Making the Inside of Your Home More Fire Resilient" - video

    • Episode 7:  Coming Soon

  • Video: Gas safety training (Les Putnam, PG&E Public Safety Specialist)

  • Video: Electrical safety training (Les Putnam, PG&E Public Safety Specialist)

  • Flip Book: "Handling Gas and Electric Emergencies" - Click here to order free books

  • Flip Book: "C.E.R.T" - Click here to order free books
         (These books are for Entry Coordinators and Building Captains)


These forms are intended as "guidelines" and NOT official forms that every Entry Coordinator must follow. Every EC is encouraged to add, change or delete content to these forms as needed by the unique requirements of their entry. These revisions then stay within their entries and do not replace the generic versions on the EPO website.  EPO is a training organization and does not mandate Entry Coordinator operations or procedures in any entry or mutual.


  • New Resident Introduction Letter - pdf

  • Resident Information Questionnaire (emergency contact information) - pdf

  • Drill Flyer - pdf (Post in a conspicuous place)

  • Drill Letter - pdf (Hand out to each resident in your Entry)

  • "My Pet" form

  • Blank Resident Skills Inventory and Equipment Check form - XLS - pdf

  • Blank Resident Roster form - Word - pdf

  • "OK/Help" window signs (print off, put in a plastic sheet protector - Help on one side, OK on the other.  Attach a bandaid (unopened).  HelpOK



  • ShakeOut Drill Guidance - NEW

  • 10-15-20 "California ShakeOut" Drill Contest in Rossmoor

  • "California Shake-Out" drill manual

  • How to conduct an effective drill in your Rossmoor Entry

  • How to conduct a hypothetical drill  (chron.com)

  • 7 tips for an effective drill

  • Audio drill (short)


MOBILE PHONE APPS - See Residents Page



  • Emergency Supply Shed Suggestions (for your Entry) - Shed #1   -  Shed #2

  • Evacuation "GO BAG" (one per person in household)

  • Battery-operated Bull Horn (find at Amazon)

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