Time Stamps and Table of Contents on YouTube Videos:

Since the meetings typically run around 2 hours or more, YouTube videos with hyperlinked Time Stamps in a Table of Contents have been set up so you can jump to just the parts that interest you. 


To find the Time Stamps: look below the YouTube window - you’ll see a two-line description and below that a link that says “Show more…”  Clicking on that displays the full Table of Contents with the Time Stamps. 


Here’s how to access the Closed Captions in English, and the Subtitles in other languages:  

  • Click on the [CC] icon on the bottom of the YouTube video frame for closed captions in English.

  • If you click on the [CC] option it will turn on the closed captions in "English (United States)", but that only works until 1 hour and 33 minutes of video

  • Follow the instructions below for "Subtitles / CC”, and choose “English (auto-generated)”, or select “Auto-translate” and scroll down to find English.

  • To access the subtitles, click on the SETTINGS icon (a gear symbol) to the right of the [CC] icon on the bottom of the YouTube video window

  • Then click on “Subtitles / CC”

  • Next click on “Auto-translate”


  • Auto-translate gives you a choice of subtitles in close to 100 languages.




For questions on our YouTube videos, please contact:  rmepo.tech.assist@gmail.com