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Board & Directors - Job Descriptions
  • Preside over all EPO meetings
  • Call at least two board meetings per year
  • Set date, place and time for EPO events with the Recreation Department
  • Make sure the membership list is being kept up to date as we pay our insurance and dues from this list
  • Get speakers and confirm calendar of events with BOD
  • Keep the Excel spreadsheet for the Entry Coordinators (further known as ECs)
  • Field calls for the EC and EPO inquiries including those from Rossmoor Mutuals
  • Oversee the revision of the EC Guide when needed, approximately every 2 years
Vice President
  • Fill in chairing meetings if the president is absent
  • Write monthly newspaper articles (press releases) for the Rossmoor News and supply photos
  • Chair Emergency Preparedness Fair in September
  • Call Board meetings when directed
  • Take and distribute minutes
  • Take the dues, deposit and keep EPO checkbook
  • Record new membership at all meetings.  Keep up-to-date member roster in Excel
  • Update the membership list and get to the email blaster 1-1/2 weeks before each meeting
  • Arrive at each EPO general meeting 20 minutes before start time, to check members in if they have not not paid and to register new members
  • Collect $5.00/year dues from each member and deposit the money in the US Bank where we have an EPO account
  • Write checks when EPO needs to make payments for insurance, Emergency Preparedness Fair or whatever is needed, when the EPO Board asks.
Directors at large:
  • CERT Representative:  Work with President to align CERT and EPO as much as possible to be prepared in case of a disaster/emergency and combined meetings.  Send announcements to the EPO and CERT membership
  • Health Directors:  Prepare and give 10-minute short training topics on health issues
  • FRS Trainings:  Train EPO members on the use of Family Radio Service
  • First Aid Training:  Set up classes for first aid certification and renewal
  • Webmaster:  Maintain and update our website as needed
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