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Government / National

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) - Walnut Creek


  • Website

  • "Are You Ready?" in-depth guide to citizen preparedness

  • Mobile App

  • Free Publications

  • Emergency Supply List

  • Pets - Get Ready Now

  • Emergency Kit Supply Checklist (FEMA and DHS)

  • YOU are the help until help arrives - click here

  • Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (FEMA)

  • Video: Family Communication Plan & Emergency Kit

  • Video:  "When the Fire Starts" (wildfires)

  • Video: "When the Earth Shakes"

  • Video: April 4, 2010, 7.2 earthquake in Calexico, CA

  • Video:  "Preparing Makes Sense for Pet Owners" (FEMA)


  • Website

  • "Safe & Well" website (list yourself as safe or search for registrants)

  • Mobile Apps:   (Hero Care, Emergency-severe weather, Earthquake, First Aid, Blood Donations, Pet First Aid)

  • Supplies and products to purchase

  • 2018 Red Cross Annual Report  - NEW

  • Hurricane Harvey (2018) update - one year later - NEW

  • Bay Area Red Cross - website

U.S.G.S. (earthquakes)

National Institute of Building Sciences - How society benefits when buildings can withstand natural disasters


Contact:  FRAN GIBSON, President |  EMAIL    |    1-1-20