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Reusable and washable

  • Mask #1 - Instructions & video (1-minute no-sew pleated mask) - It is recommended to line inside with a paper towel as a filter.

  • Mask #2 - Step-by-step instructions (some hand sewing)

* On April 6,  the CDC strongly advised all Americans to wear a handmade mask covering both nose and mouth anytime we are outside in public.

How to Wear Your Masks 

  • Contra Costa Health Services (includes business openings at a glance) - NEW

  • Calif. Dept. of Public Health COVID-19 Updates - NEW

  • Red Cross:  "Staying Safe and Helping Others during Covid" - NEW

  • Get your flu shot early!   - NEW

  • Contra Costa Openings at a Glance (what is open and what is not) - NEW

  • List of hand sanitizers being recalled by FDA (found to contain methanol) - NEW

  • Know the Risks of Your Activities

  • Which Face Masks Provide the Best Protection? (Bandanas are the worst) - video  

  • Protect yourselves when using transportation -  click

  • "Is it Safer to go to a coffee shop or a gym?" - NYT -  Click

  • Contra Costa Health List of known infections in Contra Costa County (by city)

  • "Smart News" app for cell phones

  • Video from CDC on preparing your household against Coronavirus

  • "7 Degrees of Separation" pdf (Promoting hygiene in shared living facilities)

  • Video: Safe grocery shopping and picking up take-out food

  • Food Safety (and eating food from restaurants)

  • Tip sheet on how seniors at risk can remain safe

  • Senior Services (Walnut Creek): Grocery store "senior" hours, Food Banks, Transportation, etc.

  • Glossary of Coronavirus terms

  • Resources while sheltered in place (delivery services/meals/groceries etc.) This can change from day to day

  • Open businesses in Walnut Creek during COVID-19

  • Coronavirus tracking map - California/U.S.

  • Best ways to disinfect surfaces at home

  • Make your own hand sanitizer

  • Governor Newsom's Executive Order to shelter-in-place.  Addendum 3-31




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